Syphilisation Update - 2023/07/08 - Flow and Clarity Updates.

I wanted to make a number of the systems of the game clearer for the player with this update.

- The game now clearly explains camp growth and what caused it. This is key to understanding the favor system and keeping your citizens happy and so keeping control over regions.

- The home region now tends very strongly to the player. This makes sure that all of the players are able to do something productive throughout the game.

- The responsibility trigger now shows up even if you only have a single region. This just seemed clearer to me than requiring a second region for it.

- Inspecting preserves / cities is more descriptive now and tracks favor changes. You can also see current actions by inspecting the tile.

- Fixed quest state indicators.

- Relationship metrics are now visible when the game asks you to choose a response to another player. Conversation results now also show the metrics and other results clearly.

- Better detailed the tech level and the requirements to get to the next level.

- Bundled inspiration results together. This vastly reduces the amount of clicking in the late game.

- Notify the player of autonomous production from camps not directly under their control.

There are also a few minor bugfixes and quality of life updates. The AI should also be more productive now, especially when it comes to managing autonomous production.

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Version 71 Jul 08, 2023

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