Camp Update - 2023/10/22

This is the first of probably two updates to the camp system and industry as a whole. I've given the camps names and a bit of personality in order to make them less interchangeable and so easier to engage with. You also can no longer build new camps. Industrializing a camp is now a standard action.

Camps now have branching upgrades that you unlock through the tech tree. Buildings and wonders also have branching upgrades now.

Quests are now the vector for growth and favor for camps. Projects no longer directly give experience to camps, instead they add currency to the quests, allowing you to complete them that way. Foragers also can no longer be used to add experience to camps. Instead, you have to use them to complete quests as well. This is a pretty major nerf to them and makes combat units much more valuable for campaigns. They were degenerate before and this doesn't make them unviable, but it is much harder to use them effectively now. I have a large combat overhaul planned after the industry one is finished, so things will probably change even more then, but this works decently for now.

The next update is going to bring in some degrowth mechanics and to bring in wealth requiring poverty. There will also be some minor updates to projects and cities as part of that.

The parameters now are a bit off-kilter. I'm working on updating them for the new mechanics.

As always, please leave me any feedback you might have. This is a great time to tell if something doesn't work for you and to shape the game a bit.



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