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Recent updates

Tech Tree Update - 2022-09-16
I've redone both tech trees in their entirety. Now, every tech should feel much more impactful and there should be no techs that change nothing. The economy is...
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Update - 2022-08-27
Just minor bugfixes and QoL fixes. Nothing major in this one...
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Update - 2022-08-13 - Player Stories and Preserve Updates
I replaced the placeholders for the Pahal / Kiran and Pahal / Anupam stories with full storylines similar to the existing Pahal / Radha one. There are further m...
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Story Update
I built out the Pahal / Radha storyline and added a win condition...
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Here's the latest roadmap for Syphilisation.
Update - 2021-04-04 - Teamwork, Facts, Catastrophes
- Teamwork on the project - Two new player characters. - Facts - Climate catastrophes...
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Update - 2021-02-28
- Added trading system - Added special events. - Made regions more like roles. - Specialized cities. - Minor fixes...
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Update 2020-12-13 - Tooltips
- Tooltips - More tutorial pages - Menu updates...
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A post-colonial 4X game.

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